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Financial Accounting Services

Financial accounting services are the language of business. Let the accountants at Highview Tax and Accounting (Formerly Pavlatos & Louizos) help you hear what your business is telling you.

Compilation and Write-Up:

Professionally prepared financial statements is an important tool for the maintenance and growth of your business.

Impress investors, obtain loans, and satisfy your bankers with financial documents that are presentable and understandable

Workers Compensation Audit:

There are several types of workers’ compensation audits. Respond quickly and efficiently to your annual insurance audits and save money on your premiums.

Clean-Up of Accounting Records:

If your accounts receivable, inventory, or fixed assets have become a big tangled mess, let us help you untie those knots and put your business back on track to the path of success.

We bring focus, organization, conscientiousness, and observation to everything we do, because the right answer often depends on the finite details. 

Accounting Software & Tech Optimization:

Choosing accounting software can seem like an easy decision. However, in reality, connecting frontline and backend business systems for proper record keeping is not a simple process.

Don’t create more work for yourself down the road because transactions from your business systems aren’t synced to accounting systems. Make bookkeeping more efficient with optimized technology that communicates quickly.

Good question! Financial accounting services are strategies and actionable items that help any business bring structure and financial durability. These types of services can include consultations, planning, bookkeeping, and more.

The main goal for financial accounting is to organize and prepare a business’s financial records. This will help with organizing money and making more money. The 3 biggest financial statements that most people know are cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets.
  1. Credit the client, credence the supplier.
  2. Credit what is gained, credit what leaves.
  3. Credit every single expense and failure and credit all revenues and profits.

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• Strong relationships built on trust and respect
• Fast and effective preparation of financial statements
• Tools for financial planning and success
• Team of experienced accounting professionals at your disposal

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