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Tax Preparation Services Chicago, IL

Get the best tax preparation services Chicago. Tax laws are always changing, and the rules are different for individuals and businesses every year.

Our accountants help can ensure your bookkeeping is up to date, organized, and filed correctly year to year.


Taxes can be complicated, especially when running a small business or managing a busy life. When filing a return, overlooking regulations or missing deductions is common.

Our experts are experienced in routine filings and even the most complicated tax returns. Allow us to make your yearly taxes hassle-free.

tax preparation services chicago
Tax Compliance


Many deductions are in place to encourage businesses to operate and grow, but people often do not take advantage of these opportunities. Frequently, business owners must plan activities in advance to fulfill the requirements for such deductions.

Plan your business strategy around how to save money while maximizing profits with our planning services with our small business tax accountants.

tax preparation services chicago tax planning
Tax Planning Business Strategy

Advocacy & Audit:

Despite following tax rules to a T, there is always a possibility that tax authorities will want to take a closer look into your finances.

This occurrence can be stressful and challenging for even the most organized individuals and businesses to navigate. Have Chicago tax accountants experts on your side to advocate and guide you through an audit.

Estate & Trust:

Planning and compliance can be a daunting task. Especially when being an executor is not your full-time profession. Planning and preparing for estate and trust taxation will make the task of administration and compliance effortless. 

Highview Tax and Accounting (Formerly Pavlatos & Louizos) estate and trust taxation experts will ensure you are well supported through these major events.

It depends on the size of the project! Please call us or request a quote to see a price!

Of course, it is! If you are worried about safety and quality, it’s a good idea to get a professional. Tax professionals can catch the smallest of things and make sure the tax returns have the proper information.

Tax Preparation Services With Highview Tax and Accounting (Formerly Pavlatos & Louizos)

• Full confidence between client and accountant

• A thorough analysis of taxation documents

• Guidance through the ins and outs of the taxation process

• A team of professionals experienced in specialty taxation scenarios

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